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Tech Gurus and ALL CAPS TWITTER vs. Actual Science


In response to COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted “FREE AMERICA NOW.” Though Musk may be the most popular and followed of the bunch, other high-profile technologists and investors are making statements in a similar vein. In response…

The Science—And Art—Of Leading Yourself and Others


Brad and Steve dive into different methods of leadership. The science calls this authoritarian, servent, and transformation leadership styles. They call it the difference between leading people (or yourself) from a place of love versus a place of fear. Per the…

Drones and Digital Everything or In-Person Connection?


Community and belonging are so important. They are essential to our physical and emotional health and also to our ability to perform at our best. For now, we need to use digital tools to stay connected the best we can.…

Living in a World of Experts of Everything


I did something I shouldn’t have during a pandemic. I went on Facebook. Littered among videos, memes, and updates from family members were the latest takes from a team of epidemiologists, doctors, virologists, and statisticians, keeping me informed on all…

Principles from the Best Endurance Athletes for Our Times: Run the Mile You Are In

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By now it should be clear that overcoming COVID-19 will be a marathon, not a sprint. We, as individuals and communities, must play the long game. Unlike endurance athletes, who choose to participate in prolonged and grueling events, we did…

How We See the World Shapes How We React to It


Sitting in front of you are two milkshakes in a bottle. On the label of one is a picture of a delicious looking ice cream sundae with the words “decadence you deserve” written over the top. The nutrition label confirms…

Doing Stuff for the Sake of Doing Stuff is Not the Same Thing as Productive Action


Brad and Steve examine the difference between doing stuff for the sake of doing stuff and doing stuff because it is meaningful, valuable, and because you want to.  Especially amidst uncertainty, people tend to throw themselves into action. Sometimes this is…

How to Change Your Mind


In this episode of The Growth Equation Podcast, Brad and Steve explore cognitive dissonance and why it’s so hard to change a mind—both your own or that of another. They delve deep into the psychological, physical, and social reasons that…

Being Great is Easy. Being Good is Harder.

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We’re told to shoot for the stars, to set scary goals, to dream big, to go big or go home. When it comes to striving for success, we focus on raising the ceiling; doing something that we haven’t done before;…

It’s Okay—Even Essential—to Lower the Bar


Many of us are obsessed with productivity and pushing forward. We have high expectations of ourselves and others. That’s fine. Hopefully much good comes of it. But sometimes those high expectations don’t make sense—especially not if you desire to be in a…

The Best Basketball Player on the Planet: Sabrina Ionescu; and Leadership Principles for Sport and Life


In this episode of The Growth Equation Podcast Brad and Steve discuss what lies behind the unrelenting drive and peak performance of basketball phenom, Sabrina Ionescu. They explore the principles that propel her success and share how these principles can be applied…

Leaders Understand What They Don’t Know


Have you ever worked a job where you had someone with little experience tell you how to do it? Maybe you were a coach or teacher and had that one parent who had no clue what was going on, but…

Social Distancing Desperately Needs a Re-Brand


The best thing for most people across the world to be doing right now is limiting in-person interaction with others. But calling this social distancing is a mistake. If anything, what we so desperately require is the opposite, social solidarity. COVID-19 has showed…

Surviving Uncertainty: Control What You Can Control. Always Stick to Principles Over Patterns.

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In sports, we have a lot that we can control that directly impacts our performance. We determine how much we practice and our level of preparation. We control our sleep, recovery, and nutrition, which allows us to improve our physical…

Exploring Performance and Well-being Amidst a Pandemic


In this first episode of The Growth Equation Podcast Brad and Steve delve deep into what it means to be at your best—both for yourself and for your community—amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic. Brad and Steve discuss the importance of laying…