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13 Rules for Life


The secret is there is no secret. What follows are 13 rules—supported by ancient wisdom and modern science—to help you feel better and be better.

How to Make the Good Changes from Quarantine Stick


COVID has been like an intense detox program. Our collective addiction is to novelty, buying things, constant stimulation, speed, productivity, and complexity. COVID locked us in a room—quite literally—where it was hard, if not impossible, to fulfill these desires.

Cancel Culture Can Be, But Isn’t Always, Dumb


First, a definition. Cancel culture: a form of boycott in which an individual (usually a celebrity) who has shared a questionable or controversial opinion, or has engaged in past behavior that is perceived to be offensive, is “cancelled,” or ostracized and shunned by former…

Your Environment Invites Action


You’re tired. It’s been a long day of work, you walk in the door, with intentions to exercise, but that nice comfy couch is calling your name. You can’t resist the pull of sitting down, turning on the TV or…

The Zen of Weight Lifting

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Chop wood, carry water and other lessons that apply far beyond the gym.

A Little Hope for Society


We’re at a very difficult point in our country. Where division is at it’s highest, where people of different political parties instantly judge and don’t interact. Where individuals are oppressed, and economic disparities are front and center. The sport of…

The Art of Having Skin in the Game

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“The things you care about make you vulnerable. The things you care about break your heart.”

Are Your Days All a Blur? Here’s How to Change That.


One day bleeds into the next. Time feels hazy and surreal. Multiple friends have told me that, as a result of the coronavirus lockdowns, they no longer have any real sense for what day of the week it is.  One hypothesis for why we’re feeling…

Searching versus Researching


Difference Between Search and Research “I searched the topic…” “Did you research it?” In a time where controversial topics and issues abound, the word research tends to come up a lot. During an argument or debate, someone inevitably pulls that card,…

If You Learn How to Listen to Your Body It Will Tell You What You Need to Know

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“The air is up here! Put your hands over your head and stand up straight.” Coaches across the country yell the same phrase to tired athletes every day. In this instance, it was to a group of pre-teen soccer players…

Adele, The Body Positive Movement, and Weight Loss


Recently, the New York Times ran a story about fighting fat discrimination while still wanting to lose weight. This was published around the same time that Adele, one of our most talented and beloved musicians, posted a picture of herself showing dramatic weight loss. Adele’s post…

We Make Fitness Too Complex and That is Dumb


A new report from the Global Wellness Institute, a nonprofit focused on research in preventative health and wellness, found that Americans spent $264.6 billion dollars on physical activity in 2018, far more than any other nation. The United States leads the world in…

Tech Gurus and ALL CAPS TWITTER vs. Actual Science


In response to COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted “FREE AMERICA NOW.” Though Musk may be the most popular and followed of the bunch, other high-profile technologists and investors are making statements in a similar vein. In response…

Drones and Digital Everything or In-Person Connection?


Community and belonging are so important. They are essential to our physical and emotional health and also to our ability to perform at our best. For now, we need to use digital tools to stay connected the best we can.…

Living in a World of Experts of Everything


I did something I shouldn’t have during a pandemic. I went on Facebook. Littered among videos, memes, and updates from family members were the latest takes from a team of epidemiologists, doctors, virologists, and statisticians, keeping me informed on all…