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The Simple Equation That Will Make You Better at Everything

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As an athlete, if you want to improve something—your 100-meter time, say, or your deadlift PR—you’ve got to apply a challenge, some sort of “stressor,” and then follow it with a period of rest and recovery. Too much stress without enough rest…

Stop Trying to Hack Your Life. Hack Culture is Dumb, Does Not Work, And Gets in The Way.

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Venture down the self-help aisle of any bookstore and you’ll see it littered with titles about hacks, quick fixes, burning fat, and accessing mystical sounding theta brainwaves. We’re told that a ‘superfood’ can cure cancer, that a new routine will…

What Separates ‘Super Champions’ from ‘Almost Champions?’

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Great athletes are fascinating. It’s a thrill to watch the very best of the very best. And though your natural abilities (or lack thereof) may prevent you from becoming as good as the champs, you can improve yourself by emulatingtheir behavior. And…

Good Vibes Are Contagious


One of my favorite threads of research shows just how interconnected we humans are. Studies reveal that if you bear witness to someone else experiencing pain—whether it’s a friend stubbing their toe, a person experiencing homelessness on a damp street corner, or a…

The Power of the People Around You


An enormous part of self-improvement are the people whom you surround yourself. I’ve had the opportunity to spend time at world-class organizations — in sport, places that produce numerous Olympic medals; in work, places that invent groundbreaking new products and services.…

The Dark Horse Path to Happiness

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A common maxim in the world of peak performance is “process over outcome.” It means that you shouldn’t worry about the outcomes of your efforts, which are generally subject to all sorts of factors outside your control. Instead, you should…

Step Away from the 24-Hour News Cycle

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A lot of cable, Internet, and social media news is a bit like candy: You know you probably shouldn’t indulge in it but there’s just something about it that’s so enticing. So you tell yourself you’re “going to have just…

What Lies Behind Every “Breakthrough” Performance

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Most people like to think of progress as a straight line. Though this certainly can be the case, it’s not always so—especially not when it comes to observable improvement. In his new book, Atomic Habits, James Clear uses the example of an ice…

How to Actually Get Some Rest for Once


The thing about scrolling through social media is that it often feels like it should be a restful activity. It even looks like one. You’re barely moving, after all; you might even be lying down. And yet when is the last time you…

How to Build High-Performance Habits


In the 1950s, a plastic surgeon named Maxwell Maltz noticed that it took his patients about three weeks to get used to their faces after cosmetic surgery. He also realized that that was about how long it took him to get acclimated to…

Everything We Know About Exercise and Depression


For exercise enthusiasts and those who study the mind-body connection—or perhaps better put, the mind-body system—it has long been known that physical activity helps with depression. And yet even as evidence for this effect continues to mount, “the incorporation of exercise as…

Emotional Flexibility: How to Hold *Everything* at Once

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Life is messy. Though there may be times when everything is clicking and going well — or the reverse: times when everything seems downright awful — we almost always find ourselves somewhere in the middle. Good stuff and bad stuff, all at once.…

The Incredible Power Of Friendship


I’ve been thinking about friendship a lot lately. So many of the digital devices that supposedly connect us are leaving many of us, myself included, feeling a bit lonely. Yes, it’s true that email, text messaging, and social media can be enjoyable…

8 Rules to Do Everything Better

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Principles are fundamental truths that serve as the foundations for behavior that gets you what you want out of life,” writes investor Ray Dalio in his bestselling book, Principles. Dalio focuses on skills like decision-making, investing, and managing organizations. While reading through…

The Case for Not Changing a Thing: An Ode to Patience

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We humans suffer from the commission bias: a preference toward doing something rather than nothing. We’re also novelty-seeking creatures, drawn to bright and shiny objects. These propensities have served us well throughout evolution. Long ago, they drove us to develop…