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A Simple Formula for Responding Not Reacting


When you react to a situation you fuse with it and become it. Going from one reaction to the next is an emotional roller-coaster.

Are you checked out, going through the motions? Look at your foundation.


“I underestimated mental health, honestly. I had anxiety. A little bit of depression. Just being locked in here …. I checked out.” — NBA player Paul George on competing in the playoffs in the bubble. What does it mean to…

Inspiration is for Amateurs

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At first a spark is key; without it, there is no flame. But in order for that flame to grow into a powerful fire, it needs oxygen.

Fight, Flight… or Courage?

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Cutting-edge science shows that confronting our fears is a trainable skill.

Everything You Need to Know About Intermittent Fasting

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It can work. But not without risk. Here’s how and why.

Are You Over-Reliant on Experience and Under-Reliant On Data?


Overcome a common trap: over-valuing your experience and under-valuing data and probability.

Discipline IS Freedom—Which Means Constraints Are Too

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Sometimes you need restrictions to truly be free.

What the NBA’s Return to Play Can Teach Us About Leadership


It’s not always enough to nail the basics. Sometimes you’ve got to go deeper, adapting as you proceed.

What Poker Can Teach Us About Focusing on the Process and Peak Performance

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Bad beats drag you down. They focus you on something you can’t control—the cards—rather than on something you can, the decision.

Overcoming Bias to See More Clearly


Becoming aware of the hardwired biases in your mind is key to just about everything.

Redefining Success So It Doesn’t Crush Your Soul

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Conventional thinking about success is dumb. Here’s a better way.

The Key to Sticking to an Exercise Program? It’s Supposed to Feel Easy!


Grind culture is stupid. Lots of easy movement combined with a dash of hard work goes a long way.

A New Way to Think About Pain

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New Research: Pain is not just in the mind or in the body. It is in the entire system. Treating it, then, requires a broad approach.

When Goals Get in the Way of Success


Goals are great. They provide a target, something to shoot for and measure progress against. They serve as reminders, bringing our focus back to what matters. They help motivate us, pushing us to accomplish tasks. For good reason, we preach…

Click-On-This Culture is (Literally) Killing Us


As a society, we’re in desperate need of one big family therapy session.