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Nearly All Breaking News is a Sham—Don’t Be a Victim of It


  You can check a few websites—or better yet, skim an old-fashioned newspaper—once a day and know more than enough about what is going on in the world. You could probably check just once a week and still be plenty…

Mindsets—Do They Matter?


Mindsets are all the rage. How you see the world around you influences your success. Believe that your abilities and talents are static? Well, you’ve got a fixed mindset and might be in trouble. Believe that you have the ability…

Top 5 Growth Equation Articles From September


September continued to be a weird (to put it lightly) month. There is a lot of uncertainty in the world and everyone is experiencing it differently. Some people are thriving amidst all the chaos, others are struggling mightily. Whatever you…

A Brief Guide to Navigating Periods of Disorder


  Two-thousand-and-twenty has been quite the year. The coronavirus has ravaged much of the world, leaving human and economic suffering in its wake. Social unrest is rampant. The president of America is questioning the validity of democracy. Ruth Bader Ginsburg…

Stop Asking “Can We?”; Start Asking “Should We?”

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“The 15 minutes…are those consecutive minutes?” asked Theresa, a Paulding County board of education member. Theresa was wrestling with the problem staring her in the face. The Georgia Department of Health requires schools to classify anyone who has been within…

The Rule of Compounding: Why Small Steps Lead to Big Gains

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Warren Buffet’s $300,000 dollar haircut and what it means for you.

Instead of Cutting College Sports, Schools Should Stop Spending Money Like Fools


This past week, the University of Minnesota cut its track and field team, along with men’s gymnastics and tennis. From Akron, to William and Mary, to UC-Riverside, college sports across the country are being eliminated, including the sport I love,…

7 Mental Habits That Work Really Well—Until They Get In Your Way

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Rely on these qualities when they are helpful and then leave them behind when they are not.

A Simple Formula for Responding Not Reacting


When you react to a situation you fuse with it and become it. Going from one reaction to the next is an emotional roller-coaster.

Are you checked out, going through the motions? Look at your foundation.


“I underestimated mental health, honestly. I had anxiety. A little bit of depression. Just being locked in here …. I checked out.” — NBA player Paul George on competing in the playoffs in the bubble. What does it mean to…

Inspiration is for Amateurs

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At first a spark is key; without it, there is no flame. But in order for that flame to grow into a powerful fire, it needs oxygen.

Fight, Flight… or Courage?

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Cutting-edge science shows that confronting our fears is a trainable skill.

Everything You Need to Know About Intermittent Fasting

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It can work. But not without risk. Here’s how and why.

Are You Over-Reliant on Experience and Under-Reliant On Data?


Overcome a common trap: over-valuing your experience and under-valuing data and probability.

Discipline IS Freedom—Which Means Constraints Are Too

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Sometimes you need restrictions to truly be free.