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Overcoming Bias to See More Clearly


Becoming aware of the hardwired biases in your mind is key to just about everything.

Redefining Success So It Doesn’t Crush Your Soul

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Conventional thinking about success is dumb. Here’s a better way.

The Key to Sticking to an Exercise Program? It’s Supposed to Feel Easy!


Grind culture is stupid. Lots of easy movement combined with a dash of hard work goes a long way.

A New Way to Think About Pain

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New Research: Pain is not just in the mind or in the body. It is in the entire system. Treating it, then, requires a broad approach.

When Goals Get in the Way of Success


Goals are great. They provide a target, something to shoot for and measure progress against. They serve as reminders, bringing our focus back to what matters. They help motivate us, pushing us to accomplish tasks. For good reason, we preach…

Click-On-This Culture is (Literally) Killing Us


As a society, we’re in desperate need of one big family therapy session.

What A Simple Fitness Routine Can Teach You About Life


Spend less time sharpening the knife and more time thickening it.

Deeper Understanding Means Deeper Seeing


The more we know the more we see.

How to Get Unstuck

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Trying really hard works—until it gets in the way.

The Case for Wise Hope and Wise Action

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It is easy to be delusional and pollyanna. It is easy to be pessimistic and despairing. It is hard to accept a challenging reality for what it is—and to stay hopeful and take productive action in its midst.

The Quick and Slow Routes to Building Tough Teams

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Truly caring is the key to molding tough teams.

How Interval Training Can Help You With Time Management


This idea has shaped elite sports over the last century, but it’s only in the past decade that it’s being lifted from the playing field and applied elsewhere.

Learning from the Best to Overcome Doubt, Fear, and Panic

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If you’ve been around sport long enough, you’ve witnessed a pre-competition breakdown. Anxiety and nerves run high, panic overwhelms, and the tears start to flow. The athlete wants to be anywhere else, doing anything else—but they are trapped.

A New Way of Thinking: Not Either-Or, But Both-And.

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Holding two seemingly opposite concepts at the same time can make your mind feel like it is going to explode! But it is worth practicing nonetheless.

Growth Comes From Discomfort


Lebron James is arguably the best basketball player on the planet. It would be easy for him to play to his strengths. But in 2014, he added a new element to practice. A one-on-one contest where buckets only counted if…