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A Better Way To Optimize


The word optimize gets thrown around all the time these days. We’re supposed to optimize our schedules, optimize our routines, and optimize our lives. This is generally taken to mean doing more and doing faster. But the actual definition of the…

A New And More Accurate Way To Think About Homeostasis (and Progress)

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Homeostasis is often conceptualized as the desire of an organism or system to stay the same. This is thought to be true whether one is talking about the body, the mind, a single individual, or an entire species. One of…

Setting Goals that Work For You, Not Against

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Growing up as an athlete, I lived off goals. They were specific, measurable, and outcome-focused. When I was 14 years old they were on my bulletin board, daily reminders of what I wanted to accomplish. As accomplishing my running goals…

7 Ways to Detect B.S. When Reading Pop Science and Self-Help


Popular science and evidence-based self-help writing—both in books and articles on the internet—has grown astronomically over the past decade. On the one hand, this is great because it means that more people have access to fascinating and potentially helpful, even life-changing, ideas.…

Letting Go Of What Works For Something That Works Better


Here’s a simple parable. It’s about a cup and a quart. You really like milk. The more you can posses the better. You’ve got a cup of milk in your hand. There’s a quart on the table. In order to get the…

Being Clutch Isn’t Magic, It’s A Trainable Skill

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We all know the clutch athlete when we see them. The Michael Jordan’s of the world who seemingly will their team to victory. The quarterback who comes through time and time again, engineering winning drives as if they’re routine. The…

Motivation: It’s Not Just About How Much, But Also What kind.


How driven are you to pursue your goal? Are you willing to put in the work to run your marathon, finish the house-remodeling project, or develop your side business? When it comes to motivation, we focus on the quantity of…

An Antidote to Quick Fix Culture

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We live in an age of the quick fix, be it in fitness, relationships, business, learning, creativity, or health. We’re bombarded with advertisements for magic bullets, hacks, new programs, and all manner of bright and shiny objects that promise results now—and make…

You Are Enough Right Now: Freedom and Self-Improvement

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There is lots about the self-improvement industry that can make you feel like you aren’t enough. In order to actualize, you need this particular diet; that workout plan; this social media behavior; that mediation practice. While it may be true that those kinds of things…

Are you Normalizing Bad Behavior?


“Would you jump off a bridge if all of your friends did?”   That question seems to have been passed down in the parenting handbook for generations. It’s meant to combat the pre-teen and teenage years when our pre-frontal cortex…

Practices and Habits over Resolutions


I’m not a big fan of resolutions. Resolving to do something is not the same thing as actually doing it, and I’ve found that the more big and grand and resolute we get about proclaiming we’re going to do something,…

Is Your Boss Causing Your Burnout?

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Burnout is an epidemic. The World Health Organization recently sounded the alarm, upgrading burnout from a general state of exhaustion to a definable syndrome. In a Gallup survey of over 7,500 workers, 23% reported feeling burned out very often, while…

Flipping the Switch to Compete.


After a recent workout, one of my college athletes came up to me and said something that stuck with me. “This is normal Steve. Easy going, mild. But halfway through the workout, I looked over and you had this look of…

The Key to a Good Life? Lose Yourself in Something.

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One of the best feelings in the world is losing your attachment to yourself. So much of our time is spent in self-focused ways. What happens if I do this? Or that? Doubt. Fear. Self-judgement. The judgement of others against ourselves. Planning. Scheming.…

The Chase for the Sub 4-Minute Mile and The Complexity of Success


“Wes Santee has recently broken the world mile record in the time of 3:58.3, and it should stand for many years to come.” -1950 With the passing of Sir Roger Bannister, who in 1954 became the first man to run…